Black & Decker 2lb Programmable Bread Maker

There is nothing in comparison the aroma of fresh baked bread in the home. It gives a warm, inviting vibe that will make everyone feel more at home. Whether you have a large family or live alone, there will be plenty opportunity to put the Black & Decker B2250 Programmable Bread Maker to good use.Black & Decker B2250 breadmaker

You will be able to make loaves up to 2 pounds in the Black & Decker B2250 Programmable breadmachine, which is adequate for most families while not being on the same par as some other models on the market today. If you want larger loaves there are some other models that will go up to 3 pounds.

The real beauty of the Black & Decker B2250 breadmaker is the nice combination convenience features. It is very easy to program with push button controls and has a small viewing window to watch the progress of your bread. It comes with different selections to control the shade of your crust and can be set to start baking automatically up to 13 hours in advance. A rapid bake setting is also available if you want hot bread fast.


About the only convenience feature that it lacks is a warming function. Some other models on the market will hold the baked bread warm for up to an hour, allowing for more time to get the rest of the meal prepared so it all hits the table hot and fresh at once.

Reviews of the Black & Decker B2250 Bread Maker by consumers tend either love or hate this machine. It does have rather simple controls which are easy for everyone to use. Unfortunately, there are more advanced models on the market that take advantage of more complicated technologies that provide more baking options.

It is a good idea to look around and see what is currently being offered on the market to ensure the Black & Decker 2lb Programmable Bread Maker will meet all of your needs. It is a very economical option if you do not need more advanced features or larger sized loaves.



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