Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Breadmaker

The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Breadmaker will completely eliminate your need for the bakery down the street or the bread section of the local supermarket. In fact, it will eliminate your need to purchase bread products of any variety from someone else ever again. This is the ultimate in small kitchen appliances that will serve a variety of functions for many years to come.

The best part of the machine is that you get a ton of functional and convenience features for just over a hundred dollars. That is a bargain price once you discover all of the amazing things that this machine can actually do for you. Before you think that it is priced so low because it doesn’t actually live up to expectations, read a few reviews of the Breadman TR2500BC bread machine written by consumers and you will find that it actually does it job rather well.

In fact, the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Convection Bread-maker has some of the most impressive reviews to be found in the industry. Consumers seem just as thrilled with the functioning power of the machine as they are with the huge variety of baking jobs it can handle. From pizza dough to bagels, jam, batter, and even pasta dough this is the only machine you will ever need for baking fresh and delicious grains right in your own kitchen.


Yet, the most impressive features of the Breadman TR2500BC Breadmaker are the huge number of recipes that come already programmed into the machine for easy access. There are over 300 different recipes that you can access with the simple push of a button! It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Another unique feature is a dispenser that will automatically add in nuts, seeds, or other secondary ingredients at the appropriate time. Some other brands on the market will offer an alarm that sounds to instruct you when it is time to manually add in these things, but it is a rare feature when the machine actually does the adding in for you.

Plus, every loaf comes out looking just like a loaf from the store thanks to the vertical design.

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